Screening and Treatment


Head lice are growing at a rapid rate in South Africa, and school kids are at the highest risk of getting lice beacause they engage in a lot of actvities that get their hair in contact with each other, therefore this puts them at a high risk of getting head lice from other students who have it . What LicePickers do? LicePickers go around schools doing hair screening at a very affordable price,our proffesional Lice nurse does the screening closely and makes sure the hair that is infected with Lice is detected, this reduces the chances of other kids getting head lice, which can be extremly discomforting.


All our products are non toxic 100% natural and effective to solve the problem. The treatment takes about 25 - 45 minutes depending on the length of the hair and amount of lice and eggs that have to be removed. A special Lice comb and heated air are used to remove the lice making sure there is nothing left. We also offer guides on how to avoid getting lice in the future.


We offer family discounts giving 50% discount for all family members

About Our Lice Nurse

Hi my name is Precious, and i am a mom who happens to be very good at removing lice and nits from hair. I actually enjoy it!

- Keep your kids in school and head lice free!!
- All our products are non toxic 100% natural.
- In the comfort of your own home.
- 25 - 45 minutes treatment.
- Treatment prices: R300 - R850
- School screening: R15/Child.